The Issue of Schooling for Children Who Regularly Use Ventilators in their everyday lives: An Urgent and Global Challenge for School Nurses

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The School Nurse International Conference, held in Boston from July 16th to 21st, gathered nearly 100 school nurses and researchers from 18 countries. Two topics were presented from our project:

  • The Challenges of Delivering Health in a School Environment for Children with Complex Medical Care Needs (CCMCN): Focusing on the Establishment of a New Type of School Nurse in Japanese Schools
  • Ensuring Children with Complex Medical Needs Can Access Mainstream Education: Reflections on the Move from Parental to Specialist Nursing Care in Japanese Schools During Year Two of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In recent years, there has been a global increase in the number of children living in communities while using ventilators. Additionally, the number of these children attending local schools also seems to be on the rise. However, there is little data available to substantiate this situation. During the five days of the conference, participants from various countries and regions confirmed that they are facing similar challenges and situations.

This conference started in the UK in 1981 and is held every two years in different locations around the world. The next conference will be held in Japan in July 2025.